Can you see your computer (and can your computer see you)? The history of the screen, from radar to AR

A conversation with Louisa Shen

Can your computer see you? . . . and can you see your computer?!

Before you tumble off into the philosophical deep end, you might want to listen to the latest episode of the Anti-Dystopians with Louisa Shen: A history of the screen, from radar to AR.

Louisa explains how the screen began as military technology in WWII, how the Cold War overlapped with the mass production of screens (and spying), and how interactive screens now make it seem as if we can see our computers—or maybe that our computers can see us. Plus, will the future of screens be the VR world of Facebook’s Oculus Rift or the AR overlaid life of Google glasses? Or will Amazon’s Alexa turned hologram become the next IoT “screen”? 

As always, you can listen to it here or subscribe here (Spotify) or here (Apple Podcasts).

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