Nationalize Gmail!: Climate Change, Critical Infrastructure, and the Technological Innovations of the USPS

A conversation with Josh Lappen

Two Californians walk into a podcast . . . . and they immediately start talking about the California High Speed Rail. That’s not actually a joke, that’s just what happened when fellow Californian and environmental historian Josh Lappen came onto the Anti-Dystopians this week!

Josh researches environmental and energy history at Oxford University, studying some of the most important technology there is: critical infrastructure. We chatted about why hundreds of Elon Musks can’t (and won’t) solve climate change, how low-tech solutions and indigenous practices are critical sources of knowledge, and the surprising number of technological innovations enabled by the US Postal Service (including Amazon’s e-commerce business and commercial flight). Plus, is PG&E really the worst company ever, what’s going on with the Texas blackouts, and should the government give you an email address (and a bank account)?

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A Rocky Mountain big horn sheep said “NO” to the surveillance state.

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