The Colonization of Outer Space: Why tech billionaires are obsessed with getting to space

After a spring break, the Anti-Dystopians are back with season two! To kick off the new season of the podcast, Shikha Srinivas and I discuss space colonization and ask—why are tech billionaires so obsessed with getting to space?

How are climate change and the quest to become an interplanetary species related? Who will unaccountable private corporations in space ultimately harm? Should we be afraid of cascading satellites and colliding space junk? (Spoiler alert: yes.) And how can indigenous principles and knowledge-holders lead us in understanding our obligations to earth and space, and caring for our shared celestial commons? 

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Since we talked a lot about indigenous communities on this episode, we want to highlight the work and knowledge of indigenous scholars, activists and communities:

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Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’s space ideology:

Meme of the Week

XKCD set off a bit of an academic meme war when it published its satirical take on article titles. I tried my best at making one for international relations.

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And, if you are against colonialism anywhere it is occurring, here is a document with templates for letters you can send to your MP/Representative about supporting Palestine.

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