The Anti-Dystopians is the politics podcast about tech.

Hello and welcome to the Anti-Dystopians, the politics podcast about tech! I’m Alina Utrata, a PhD candidate at Cambridge University where I study historic and contemporary technology corporations and their relationship to the state.

The Anti-Dystopians is a podcast and newsletter hosted and produced by me about the politics of technology, from discussions of tech billionaires’ plans to colonize outer space, to Biden’s relationship with Big Tech, to whether we should nationalize Gmail.

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Getting Started with the Anti-Dystopians

Colonizing Outer Space: Bezos, Musk and the colonization of outer space (podcast), Lost in Space (long-read in the Boston Review)

Human Rights and Tech: No Tech for Tyrants (podcast), Digital borders, migration and racial capitalism (podcast), Human rights and internet infrastructure at the IETF (podcast), Data flows, period tracking apps and surveillance capitalism (podcast)

Politics, politics, politics: Biden and Big Tech (podcast), Peter Thiel’s political philosophy (podcast), Tech Company Rule (podcast), Technological solutionism and tech corporations at COP26 (podcast)

Some Crazy Ideas: Nationalize Gmail! (podcast), Should Facebook be a public utility? (podcast), Financial Imperialism on the Blockchain (podcast), Seeing Like a Social Media Site (blog)

Misc: Explaining Brexit to Americans, Part I and Part II (blog)

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PhD'ing in Politics & International Studies at Cambridge University.